FileMaker Hosting

Connect users from across the globe or across town to your FileMaker solution. Allow users who do not have FileMaker to share a single database. We have been hosting FileMaker server since 1998, and we are the experts.

FileMaker Coaching

From creating a ‘killer app’ to delivering a mobile tool to your staff; wehave the skills to help take your FileMaker project to the next level.

FileMaker Marketing

From web site development, hosting, trade show representation, or sage advice. we have assisted numerous clients in evolving their custom solutions into marketable services.

FileMaker WebDirect 101

Deliver FileMaker solutions to any user with a web browser.

Get the domain of your dreams

Starting from as little as $15 per year!

Having a FileMaker Server that uses your own domain lends credibility, professionalism, and is typically easier to remember than using an ‘assigned’ name or sub-domain.

Different hosting platforms to suit every need!

We have more FileMaker hosting plans than any other provider. (see full list here) The following are among our most popular plans which utilize FileMaker Server 14- Quickly share FileMaker Pro 12, 13, or 14 among multiple users/ locations.

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A few of the brands that have placed their trust in us:

We have provided FileMaker-centric services to many organization with very high standards.

Meet Your Hosting Heroes

We have over 30 years of combined experience behind us



Joe is a Certified FileMaker Developer and has been a speaker at the FileMaker Developer’s Conference several times, in addition to numerous other speaking engagements. He started using FileMaker in 1988 and since that time has become an  authority in FileMaker deployment.



Eric is a certified vmWare vExpert. He is a master of the datacenter and has plenty of expertise with large enterprise clients to deliver ‘best in class’ security for FileMaker hosting. Eric brings years of experience in supporting cloud-centric financial systems  and other ‘high-risk’ Fortune 500 clients.
Eric’s enterprise background raises the ‘bar’ compared to most any other FileMaker-centric hosting provider.



Many FileMaker developers struggle to ‘connect’ FileMaker with web technologies. Darren is a master of utilizing the most current web frameworks with FileMaker.


Project Manager

Amanda is a Certified Project Manager and has one of those personalities brings users together. She is a master of Agile/ Scrum development techniques and can bring a ‘focus’ which many FileMaker projects lack.

FileMaker Market

Solutions, Tools, & Services for FileMaker Developers

Pre-configured FileMaker Solutions

Discover some of the most popular solutions without the need to purchase, install, and/or configure FileMaker Server.

Design Reviews

Our FlightCheck reports can help you isolate trouble spots in your solution and can help you deploy a better FileMaker solution.

Solution Marketing

Worldcloud has teamed with one of the most successful publishing companies in the southeast- from political campaigns, to other high-profile clients; they understand ‘branding’. When you are ready to take your solution to the next level- we have a proven track record to grow businesses from small to large.

White-label Staffing

One of the problems for a small developer is to deliver the same level of services as larger competitors. From 24 hour phone support, live chat, and/or engineers to help you attend meetings and/or trade shows- we can compliment your existing staff. and yes, we also can help with development when you are out of time and/or beyond your comfort level.

$500 Service Credit on Dedicated FIleMaker Servers

Our Dedicated FileMaker Servers offer some of the best values within our industry; however, we understand that many users have invested heavily just to get to the point of needing a dedicated server, so to take the sting out of a new server, we are offering a $500 service credit. In many cases, this may equate to 3 months of service!!! You choose your options.

$500 /off


Free Solution Evaluations

No matter whether you have paid a professional to create your FileMaker solution, or if you have written itself; a design evaluation from Worldcloud Certified FileMaker Developers is a great way to get a ‘fresh set of eyes’ on your solution to make sure that your solution is ready.

Although we normally include a design evaluation as a part of our solution hosting bundles; for a limited time, we are providing these reviews for anyone. No purchase necessary, you are not required.

$19.96 /mo


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