FileMaker Hosting: Share FileMaker Pro, Go & WebDirect from the 'cloud'.

FileMaker Server Hosting

FileMaker WebDirect hosting allows any user to connect to a FileMaker database. We offer hosting plans for any need- from the first-time user to the professional developer.  

A Better WebDirect

WebDirect is just one option- connect users to FileMaker Pro: Citrix, RemoteApp, 2X, HTML5, FileMaker Facebook app, PHP, others

FileMaker Coaching & more

Our FileMaker support is designed to support professionals using FileMaker products: from development to deployment. We can help optimize your FileMaker solution.

Any App as a 'Streaming' app

Stream any app: Office, QuickBooks, FileMaker, etc. Full ‘desktop’ functionality to Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and others.

New: Free, No-cost, no monthly fee FileMaker Server 13 plans

includes WebDirect hosting, FileMaker Go hosting, and FileMaker Pro hosting

In addition to the free 30 day trials on most of our products and services. We now offer ‘free FileMaker 13 hosting’ which has no ‘server-based’ fees. We realize the every provider will ‘claim’ to be the best, we do our best to prove that we really can deliver- if you don’t use our services- they are ‘free’

Free FileMaker Plans


  • No 'Server-based- fees
  • FileMaker 13 Support
  • Usage-based  pricing
  • No Backups
  • External Container Support
  • Admin Console access
  • No minimum fee
  • WebDirect/ Go included

Traditional FileMaker Plans


  • Fixed Monthly Pricing
  • FileMaker 7-13 support
  • Per file pricing
  • 7 Nightly Backups
  • External Container Support
  • Admin Console access
  • 30 day trial (monthly plans)
  • WebDirect/ Go optional

Utility FileMaker Plans


  • Use-based Monthly Pricing
  • FileMaker 12/13 supported
  • Per file pricing
  • 7 Nightly Backups
  • External Container Support
  • Admin Console access
  • No setup fee
  • WebDirect/ Go included

Why Worldcloud?

We Understand FileMaker

We have Certified FileMaker Developers on staff. We show up to most every FileMaker event each year (including Devcon) and we ‘talk’ FileMaker everyday

We've been hosting FileMaker since 1998

We started hosting FileMaker in 1998 on Power Macintosh 6100 systems. We where the first ‘FileMaker-centric’ to adopt cloud technologies in 2003, and we are still among the few to offer High Availability.

We user our own stuff

In this day and age, most any ‘kid’ can rent space on Amazon and become a ‘hosting provider’. As we set up a new server- every drive, every stick of RAM, and each processor is chosen specifically to support FileMaker, not to mention all our servers are in hardened data centers. Not all servers are created equal.

Don't Pay for your Hosting

FIleMaker developers needed

FileMaker projects available. Seeking FileMaker develoeprs

Unlike many providers which don't specialize in FileMaker, we really are 'FileMaker guys'. Like most FileMaker developer, our projects are the last to get worked on. We used to keep an intern to keep progress moving on our 'house projects'; however, for 2015 we are offering these projects to our clients.

If you have more time than income, then consider trading services with Worldcloud.



Super fast, redundant, scalable Storage

We are aware that there are numerous option for 'cloud hosting'. Many providers like Azure, Amazon, Rackspace, and others use large clusters of inexpensive storage for much of their hosting. Let's face it, drive speed does not help many websites as the 'most common' pages are captured in cache. Email servers, game servers, and other 'lower-use' database solutions do not 'live and die' by drive space.

Likewise, many providers do not utilize Steerage Area Networks, as they are very expensive. Our SANs give us an architecture with no single point of failure- these are enterprise-grade 'Mission Critical' infrastructures which are typically used by large enterprise clients. We are one of the few providers which offer SAN-based SSD storage and also have FileMaker expertise.

If you use FileMaker- we to the best choice...

free FileMaker hosting

FileMaker WebDirect:

FileMaker WebDirect Hosting

 the newest FileMaker client!!!

FileMaker WebDirect permits users who do not have FileMaker Pro to experience a FileMaker solution through a web browser.

Introduction to FileMaker WebDirect

Don't Know where to start?

Many visitors to our site are simply trying to 'figure out' what FileMaker is all about. We have partners with Richard Carlton Consulting to offer their FM Starting Point solution on an extended 45 day trial basis


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