FileMaker Server

Need to share your FileMaker database ‘from the cloud’. These plans will permit you to place your FileMaker database on one of our FileMaker Servers and allow users from across the globe to access your solution.

‘Cloud’ Clients

Easily the most common conversation at Worldcloud- how can I connect to my hosted database- we have more options than anyone. We feature WebDirect, but we also offer several other option which also do not require users to install FileMaker Pro.

FileMaker Coaching

We look at FileMaker databases all day- every day. If you are looking for a bit of help to optimize your database for public networks, or you need help with new functionality beyond your ability, or you just need some good advise- chat with us to take your database to the next level…

Interested in WebDirect?

Improved with the latest from FileMaker, FileMaker Server 14 WebDirect provides 'FileMaker' functionality with no need to purchase/install FileMaker Pro.

FileMaker 14 Standby Servers

For clients which run their own FileMaker Servers, but desire the safeguards?of a cloud-based service,?there is a new standby server option in FileMaker Server 14 to ensure higher availability of your business data. If your primary server ever goes down, type in a set of commands via the Command Line Interface to switch over to the standby server. Data on the standby server is also included in your scheduled backups.