FileMaker Hosting FileMaker Hosting
FileMaker WebDirect hosting allows any user to connect to a FileMaker database. We offer a FREE FILEMAKER 13 SERVER Hosting plan.  
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A Better WebDirect A Better WebDirect
WebDirect is just one option- connect users to FileMaker Pro: Citrix, RemoteApp, 2X, HTML5, FileMaker Facebook app, PHP, others
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Advice & Coaching Advice & Coaching
Our FileMaker support is designed to support professionals using FileMaker products: from development to deployment
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Cloud Apps Cloud Apps
Stream any app: Office, QuickBooks, FileMaker, etc. Full ‘desktop’ functionality to Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and others.
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New for 2014: Free, No-cost, no monthly fee FileMaker Server 13 plans

includes WebDirect hosting, FileMaker Go hosting, and FileMaker Pro hosting

In addition to the free 30 day trials on most of our products and services. We now offer ‘free FileMaker 13 hosting’ which has no ‘server-based’ fees. We realize the every provider will ‘claim’ to be the best, we do our best to prove that we really can deliver- if you don’t use our services- they are ‘free’

Why Choose Us?

We understand FileMaker
We have Certified FileMaker Developers on staff. We show up to most every FileMaker event each year (including Devcon) and we ‘talk’ FileMaker everyday
We've been hosting FileMaker since 1998
We started hosting FileMaker in 1998 on Power Macintosh 6100 systems. We where the first ‘FileMaker-centric’ to adopt cloud technologies in 2003, and we are still among the few to offer High Availability.
We use our own stuff
In this day and age, most any ‘kid’ can rent space on Amazon and become a ‘hosting provider’. As we set up a new server- every drive, every stick of RAM, and each processor is chosen specifically to support FileMaker, not to mention all our servers are in hardened data centers. Not all servers are created equal.

Read what others say

  • We have clients all over the globe, and using FileMaker Pro. Utilizing FileMaker Pro over the WAN we where unable to keep our clients happy [with performance]; but using 2X clients from Worldcloud saved our project. We would recommend to anyone.
  • We have never hosted ‘anything’ on the internet, much less a multi-user database, but we needed several iPad users to be able to share a database and Worldcloud couldn’t have made it any easier.
  • We are a professional FileMaker development firm, and we have to have top-notch servers all the time. We trust Worldcloud to support our needs as we realize that keeping up with technology is not something that we can do while growing our FileMaker business.
  • You guys are great. I called with a couple of questions at 11:00 at night and within minutes I had a database ready for my clients. We had a meeting the next day and everyone was amazed at what was accomplished since the previous day- couldn’t of done it without worldcloud.
  • Richard Miles, Lead Developer
  • Mary Major, Non-Profit Director
  • Jerry Baker, CEO
  • Theresa Green, Account Rep

Our Datacenters

Eastern United StatesWestern United StatesEuropeAsiaAustraliaCanada
Our four year old, state of the art datacenter in Mount Prospect, IL is one of the few privately owned SAS 70 Level III+ facilities in the country. Our suite in the CyberDev datacenter has produced 100% uptime since it’s opening in 2009. This is our largest cluster of servers. We can offer any FileMaker-centric service from this facility: FileMaker Pro Hosting, FileMaker Go Hosting, FileMaker WebDirect Hosting, Microsoft Windows 2012R2 and/or MacOS X Server.
Ask us for a tour- proper ID and escort required, a must if you near Chicago!!!

Our Los Angeles datacenter is located within an old ‘Bell’ switching center. It is literally the most wired buidling on the west coast- with fibre connections to Asia and most everywhere else. Much of the internet bandwidth for the entire west coast is routed through our One Wilshire facility. We originally rented space in the ‘old part’ of the building, which offered excellent security, power, and bandwidth; but for 2013, we have moved into a new ‘suite’ within the same building which offers state of the art cooling, new APC ‘smart’ cabinets, improved bandwidth, and improved support.

Ask us for a tour- proper ID and escort required
Our facility in Europe is located in Loudon, UK and complies with strict EU regulations for hosting providers.FileMaker WebDirect Hosting, FileMaker Go hosting, and FileMaker Pro hosting available- Shared or dedicated servers

Shared FileMaker Servers, Dedicated FileMaker servers, and virtual client servers
This Singapore facility features the fastest FileMaker hosting in Asia: supporting FIleMaker 12-13. FileMaker WebDirect Hosting, FileMaker Go hosting, and FileMaker Pro hosting available- Shared or dedicated servers.

This is our first facility to go ‘all-SSD’. We filled out suite in this facility with enterprise-grade SSD drives, formatted as RAID-6 for the ultimate in safety and speed. For our friends ‘Down Under’ these servers can provide a much faster response than servers from other countries. FileMaker WebDirect Hosting, FileMaker Go hosting, and FileMaker Pro hosting available- Shared or dedicated servers

Coming Soon!!! North American facility for those users which are concerned about the Patriot Act. FileMaker WebDirect Hosting, FileMaker Go hosting, and FileMaker Pro hosting available- Shared or dedicated servers.