WebDirect Pricing 'almost' half-off until Dec 21, 2013

Background...   Worldcloud routinely resales FileMaker licensing to it's clients. Other than our monthly and/or shared server clients, it is a better value for our clients to purchase AVLA licensing as opposed to renting licensing monthly from Worldcloud. This in fact is part of the reason why FileMaker created the FBA program. Once a ... Read More »

17th Dec 2013
FileMaker Server 13 with WebDirect now available at Worldcloud

Worldcloud is now offering FileMaker 13 on all our dedicated servers, and will be upgrading our shared FileMaker 12 Servers in the next few weeks. FileMaker 13 features a new HMTL 5 web client to replace the aging IWP functionality. This WebDirect client will bring new power and accessibility to users- including Android users, WebTV, and other ... Read More »

3rd Dec 2013
vmWare 5, pushing the boundaries

vmWare is one of the most expensive 'cloud operating systems' on the market, but hey have been the market leader for the past decade. In keeping up with technology, vmWare just released vmWare ESXi 5, which will permit up 64 cores per virtual machine and a host of enhancements which will allow our systems to run faster and more secure than our ... Read More »

21st Sep 2011
Worlcloud Chicago upgrades

Security is everything, so we are moving to a SAS 70 Level 3 facility in Chicago. This is an upgrade from our current facility. We look forward to having more access to network connections while also increasing our security certification. We are also taking this opportunity to upgrade to new 24-core Xeon based systems. Migrations will begin in ... Read More »

21st Sep 2011
Worldcloud Los Angeles is online!!!

Our new datacenter in Los Angeles is up and running. We are now in the 'most wired' building on the west. As a retired 'Bell' building there are several hundred fibre connections which terminate in this datacenter.

8th Jun 2011

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