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FileMaker Server 14 Shared Hosting Plans

These plan offer value & flexibility to deploy most FileMaker solutions.

Shared FileMaker Cloud hosting plans offer superior value by utilizing a Dedicated FileMaker Server and provide exclusive control to each account.  These accounts permit smaller workgroups, which often times find FileMaker too costly, the ability to share FileMaker databases using robust hardware, cutting-edge software, and awesome support.

Quickly depoly FileMaker to anyone…

FileMaker WebDirect
free monthly

Economy / Free

  • metered plan- pay per use
  • no monthly minimum
  • Includes WebDirect & FileMaker Go
  • No need to purchase FileMaker Server
  • Include web/mobile

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$12 monthly


  • Fixed-rate pricing
  • Ideal for ‘regular’ use with FMP
  • al la carte ‘per file’ pricing
  • No need to purchase FileMaker Server
  • Flexible web/ mobile options

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$6 monthly


  • Metered pricing- Pay per use
  • Work great with dynamic workloads
  • Great for multi-file solutions
  • No need to purchase FileMaker Server
  • Includes web/mobile

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FileMaker Server 14 Dedicated Server Plans

Superior control, flexibility, and security

Your server set up to your specifications

pay only for the resources you need

Our dedicated servers offer more flexibility than any of our shared hosting plans. From dedicated FileMaker production servers, standby servers, or development servers- these systems

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