Economy / Free FileMaker Cloud Hosting

Our ‘Getting Started’ hosting plan

All the things that we ‘historically’ charge for: storage space, licensing, monthy access, etc. – those things are ‘free’ on this plan. The economy / free plans are part of our utility shared FileMaker cloud hosting plan series. Like our other utility plans, this is a metered plan or a pay-per-use plan.

This plan is ideal for developers who need to demonstrate a solution or try out some code from a ‘public’ server. These plans are also awesome to determine what type of usage your solution may experience. There is no set up fees, no monthly minimums, and term limits.


Economy/ Free

Pay as you go with no strings attached.


subscription fee

  • Session Fees
  • Pro 25¢, Go 50¢, WebDirect 75¢
  • Hourly Usage Fees
  • Pro 25¢, Go 50¢, WebDirect 75¢
  • Storage Fees: free/ up to 100MB
  • Bandwidth: free/ unlimited
  • Backups: none
  • Admin Console: basic
  • Web Function: WebDirect only
  • ESS: Not Supported

Get Pricing

Although we have 4 ‘established’ plans in this series- FileMaker Server 14 Utility Cloud Shared Hosting; each level has options, thus if you give us specifics, we will generate your order/ quote with exact pricing.

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