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Worldcloud, Inc. is a very legitimate choice for your hosting needs; however, many of you are searching through Google trying to figure out which provider is ‘best’ for your specific needs. We are not unaware, that most providers will make claims that they are ‘the best’, ‘the most affordable’, and/or some other argument to convince you that you should trust them with your business data. By our estimate, there are fewer than a dozen ‘real’ FileMaker hosting providers, and the rest are just amateurs with an old Mac Mini under their desk and cable internet access- hardly a provider with redundancy, scalability, or speed.

Worldcloud, Inc. primary business is hosting. Although we have web and FileMaker developers on staff, they are here to support you and your solutions. We attend most every FileMaker event throughout the year, and we feel that our developers keep us ‘in touch’ with our clients projects, so as we plan for the future; we have daily experience to help us anticipate the needs of our FileMaker users as the FileMaker product line improves and as new cloud technology enters the market. .

Worldcloud, Inc., attends many ‘non-FileMaker’ conferences as well: vmWorld, Cloud Expo, vMUG, Parallels Summit. Microsoft TechEd, and several others. The reality is that the ‘cloud’ industry is changing at a much faster pace than the world of FileMaker. We feel that if a we are to continue to offer the best services in our industry, we have to constantly invest in bring our clients the very best technology.

[tab title=”Datacenters”]
We feel strongly, that any ‘professional’ hosting provider must have their equipment in a datacenter.

  1. East Coast USA- all services.
  2. West Coast USA- most services.
  3. Southern USA- dedicated servers
  4. Mexico- dedicated servers
  5. Netherlands- most services.
  6. Japan- shared and dedicated servers.
  7. Australia- shared and dedicated servers.
  8. Additional locations, based on need…


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[tab title=”Partners”]
Our partners are the leaders among the cloud technology industry. We are FileMaker Alliance Member and work closely with FileMaker, Inc. We also have a close relationship with Microsoft, vmWare, Veeam, 2X, and many others. We also present at Apple Stores and remain involved in the Apple community, although most of our hosting infrastructure is currently Windows based.

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[tab title=”Expertise”]
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[tab title=”History”]
[spoiler title=”1988-1997″ open=”1″ style=”2″ color=”#4292ff”] During this time our principle was developing solutions using FIleMaker Plus and FileMaker Pro. He owned an Apple Authorized Value Added Reseller and supported several clients using FileMaker solutions. [/spoiler]
[spoiler title=”1998-2003″ open=”0″ style=”2″ color=”#4292ff”] Using Macintosh computers, dbdom.com was created as a FileMaker hosting company. Our initial offerings included Lasso and FileMaker Pro 4. We added each new FileMaker version as they where released. We also joined the FileMaker Solutions Alliance during this time. [/spoiler]
[spoiler title=”2003-2010″ open=”0″ style=”2″ color=”#4292ff”] Worldcloud.com was one of the first to utilize vmWare cloud technology to host FileMaker. During this time we moved all our equipment from our offices to hardened datacenters and our understanding of the ‘cloud’ began to grow with the industry. During this time was offered our first FileMaker virtual clients powered by Citrix. [/spoiler]
[spoiler title=”2010-” open=”0″ style=”2″ color=”#4292ff”] Worldcloud.com became Worldcloud, Inc. and changed ‘leadership’ of the company. Instead of being a venture largely operated by a single individual, Worldcloud, Inc. now has staff located within two of our datacenters, multiple FileMaker and web developers, and numerous other staff to help support a modern hosting provider. [/spoiler]
[tab title=”People”]
[staff name=”Joe King” position=”Chief Executive Officer” img=”http://dummyimage.com/125×125/ddd/fff”]Joe is a Certified FileMaker Developer, a 2Xpert, and a cloud expert. He speaks at numerous FileMaker events and guides the direction of Worldcloud. Inc. He also leads the sales efforts for Worldcloud, Inc. [/staff]
[staff name=”Eric” position=”vExpert” img=”http://dummyimage.com/125×125/ddd/fff”]Eric has over a decade of experience with the vmWare cloud environments and is a vExpert (vmWare’s highest certification). He is a network guru and handles much of the architecture for Worldlcloud.com.[/staff]
[staff name=”Ruthi” position=”Office Manager”] From deposits, NDAs, contracts, licenses, and all the other paperwork associated with a technology company. Ruthi is a resource to make sure everything has a place.[/staff]

[staff name=”Jon” position=”Certified FileMaker Developer”] When it’s time to unravel a messing Table Occurrence Graph or make sense of five year code. Jon is a master of bringing order to the chaos.[/staff]

[staff name=”Courtney” position=”Developer”] Courtney has an eye for design and an approach which is user-centric[/staff]


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