Better Business Bureau: Accredited Business

Worldcloud is a BBB Accredited business

We are accredited members of the Better Business Bureau. Not only have we agreed to arbitration using the Better Business Bureau; but we have passed their review of ethics and policies. As on February 1, 2013, we have not had a single complaint filed against us since 1998 and we will continue to strive to continue that record.

If their is ever an issue, you can be assured that in addition to Worldcloud staff doing everything we can to make things ‘right’. We realize that sometime a ‘third party’ can be useful, and we gladly submit to this accountability. Clients and prospects can see our ‘live’ rating at any time on


FileMaker Business Alliance

FileMaker, Inc., as an Apple-owned company, is very cautious with it’s image. Each FBA member goes through an application process which not only demonstrates technical proficiency, but also verifies that all business permits, licenses, and other documentation is in order. FileMaker goes to great lengths to only approve those vendors and developers which have the resources to support the FileMaker community.

We have found that many ‘would-be’ competitors are not FBA members, and others are ‘former’ FBA members and still display the FBA logo on their site(s). Click on the logo to the right to see our current listing in


Web Host Review: Top Host

In 2012, Worldcloud was the only FileMaker-centric hosting provider to be included as a ‘Top Host’ by Web Host Review. This third party industry service rates all sorts of hosting providers and less the 2% of the hosting companies in the United States are included in their ‘Top Host’ distinction.


GeoTrust: Extended Verification

Many websites simply utilize the least expensive SSL certificates available to enable the ‘locked’ icon on most web browsers. These ‘budget’ certificates will allow basic SSL encryption of your personal data, but they do little to validate who you are sending your money to. Why does it matter if you money is securely transferred if you are transferring it to a ‘questionable’ vendor?

Extended Validation SSL for improved security

Extended Verification certificates are normally found on sites like Paypal, eBay, banking sites, and other ‘larger’ businesses. In our case, there where over a dozen different validations which were to provided to verify not only our identity, but also that controls where in place to assure that your transactions are safe. In many web browsers, this ‘higher standard’ SSL certificate is indicated by a green address area- this is the highest form of protection currently available on the web.


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