Datacenters worldwide

Why is a such a big deal to have a datacenter?

Having your servers in a datacenter provides a much more reliable, secure, and robust hosting experience. The speed of the internet connections will be exponentially faster than any connection you will find in an office environment. Several of our competitors are FileMaker consultants which use a few of their retired machines to host FileMaker solutions. Many will avoid using the term <i>datacenter</i> while others will call that old mechanical room in the back their office and call it a datacenter. This is not the case with Worldcloud. We utilize multi-million dollar facilities which are designed from the ground up for their unique purpose.

When we choose our datacenters, they all have a SAS 70 Level II certification or better. Our flagship facility near Chicago exceeds the SAS 70 Level III specification to the point that they ofter call it a Level III+ facility. To give you an idea of what type of facilities we are in, the Department of Justice has a cabinet of servers next to our cabinet in one of our datacenters. Another datacenter, where we have an entire suite, provides service to a number of financial institutions.

It’s one thing to claim that your servers are located in great facilities. It’s another thing to have SAS 70 certifications to prove it.

Engineered for Quality

Built by engineers with more than 3 million square feet of data center build under their belt. Wordcloud facilities are built to the highest standards by a team that is committed to excellence.

A True 2N Infrastructure

FileMaker hosting supported backup generators in our datacenter

Redundancy and then more redundancy. If any part of the infrastructure has a failure, your systems still remain on redundant feeds, whether that be power, cooling or connectivity. Our facilities are engineered with the highest level of redundancy, delivering a 99.999% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Built with a tier 3 Minimum (2N Electrical / N+2 Mechanical) standard, our facility is SAS 70 Type II Compliant. All design/build specifications per Uptime Institute, Inc., TIA–EIA 942 and NFPA Specifications. Since coming online, our Chicago facility has yet to ever report any outage.



FileMaker hosting from world class datacenters

2N UPS feeds, each system supported by 100% independent emergency generator system and corresponding Independent Commonwealth Edison electrical feeds. In the spring of 2012, there was actually a tornado which passed directly over the facility. The facility received no damage, but the entire community was without power for almost a week. Our clients had no idea of these issues as our generators ran off the Natural gas pipeline. If the Natural gas had been shut off, then we have almost a month’s worth of Diesel fuel on-site to keep going no matter what.


2N zoned, looped chilled water distribution system supporting 2N variable speed CRACs, with in row 2N cooling options available. Many datacenters sound like their are freight trains running inside. In many cases this is the huge air conditioners which are required to cool these systems. By using liquid cooled systems, most of this noise is moved to the roof,  while smaller, redundany exchange units cool the individual suites. Their are no huge fans trying to cool huge areas.

Fire Suppression

100% stand-alone demised and NOC Monitored VESDA integrated smoke/hazard detection and FM25 Pre-Action Fire Suppression Systems throughout. Data center and dedicated suite wall systems are installed from slab to roof with a minimum 2 Hour Rating.


Multiple, route diverse, tier 1 carrier fiber rings supporting 10 Gb ethernet and OC48/OC192 SONET distribution with 99.99% AboveNet, Level 3 and Verizon network route diversity. Two route diverse conduit entrances into separate IDF facilities supporting two physically diverse MDF / NETPOP cross-connection facilities. 40%+ of IP traffic external to Metro Chicago Internet core NAPs. This means we pull an incredible amount of internet connectivity into the building, and we pull it from differ sides of the facility with different carriers, so that we are no subject to something stupid like a telephone pole being hit by some drunk driver- partially because all our service lines are below ground, and we have excellent redundancy. .


Staffed and maintained 24 x 7 x 365. SAS 70 type III compliant facility. Multi-factor authentication and multi-tier security perimeter monitoring means your systems are safe. We maintain a mutli-tier security perimeter with video surveillance and secured access on all floors, doors and fully enclosed rack centers. The Colocation racks are individually lockable and have the option of rack specific IP-video surveillance to ensure that customers only have access (and secure web enabled video monitoring) to the equipment that they own.


Our facility is engineered with your growth in mind. We can provide you with a solution that will meet you needs today and in the future

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