How we first found FileMaker

Most FileMaker developers have vivid memories about the first time they used FileMaker. For us, we where providing technical assistance to a newly formed non-profit. The year was 1988, and this newly formed non-profit had received a grant for the Alliance for Technology Access (sponsored by Apple) which included a brand new Macintosh SE, a LaserWriter IINT,and a box of software. We were originally asked to migrate three lists from an Apple IIe using AppleWorks, a DOS machine running PFS File, and a ASCII text file from a COBOL system. After digging through the software they owned, we discovered FileMaker Plus, and proceeded to install it on the ‘huge’ 20 megabyte hard drive.

To be honest, it was not love at first sight; however, after a couple of hours of frustration – the current owner of Worldcloud took the manual back to the office and discovered how to change from layout to layout…at that time a ‘light’ went off and that was the beginning of a long-time passion for FileMaker.

The birth of a company

Like many companies, we have endured name changes and changes in ownership over the years, so it’s hard to identify a single moment when we conceived of what is now known as Worldcloud. Since 1998 the current management team of Worldcloud have been providing full-time FileMaker Pro development services, in late 2000, we started hosting with FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited and Lasso on iMacs connected to a single T3 connection. In 2003, two companies were merged into what is now We have had the opportunity to witness huge changes in the industry and in the databases we develop, support, and host.

Worldcloud made another change in direction, in the fall of 2010, staff members purchased Worldcloud and expanded our offerings to offer extensive support, development, and training services to our clients. It was once enough to have a fast internet connection to become a hosting provider, but now the industry has progressed, and the only way to address the diverse needs of our users was to expand our offerings. We have always been a leader in both price and performance, but with the array of new technologies associated with cloud computing, we realize that there is no ‘single’ product which fits all client needs.

We are a hosting provider which understands the needs of developers. Unlike many of our competitors who their ‘primary’ focus on something other than FileMaker hosting- this is what we do. The ‘complimentary’ services we provide are desinged to aid our hosting clients. We strive to be the “FileMaker Developer’s choice for hosting”.

“Over the next five years, the cloud trait of elasticity will dominate this market” – Gartner, July 2009



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