Fast FileMaker Servers

We use the latest Xeon-based multi-core servers, clustered in vmWare based clusters to intelligently balance loads and make sure that every server is running at top speed.

Speedy Drives

We use 15K SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) Drives, which are the fastest spinning drives on the market. We also are adding SAS-based solid state drives and other technologies (RAM caches) to ensure that we have the fastest drives on the market today.

Fibre Channel SANs

We use dual private Fibre Channel networks just to facilitate communication between our Storage Area Networks, drives, and our servers. Each SAN has dual controllers- both for speed and for redundancy.

Datacenter-backed Networks

We have multiple connections to internet backbones in each of our datacenters. These connections are supported by numerous top-tier providers.

Virtual Clients

Our virtual clients are up to five times faster than FileMaker Pro over the WAN. The 2X FileMaker Pro virtual client is the fastest FileMaker client on the market today.

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