FileMaker Hosting Expertise: Sharpened Regularly


FileMaker Events

To be the best FileMaker-centric hosting provider in the country isn’t something which can be accomplished without lots of effort. We do our best to show up to every major FileMaker event. Over the past few years, we have attended the following:

  • FileMaker Developer Conference (speaker & exhibitor)

Since 1999 we have attended the FileMaker Developer Conference. This year it is in San Diego and we look forward to seeing all our friends again. Click here to see why you should attend

  • Quebec FileMaker Developer’s Conference

This French-speaking conference is Montreal gives us a chance to experience a bit of snow, We enjoy seeing more of these regional-type conferences.

  • FileMaker Product Developer’s Conference

This focused conference is focused squarely of developers which market or support vertical market solutions using FileMaker.

  • Pause on Error

Almost an ‘unconference’, PauseonError is designed by developers for developers- without the big hotels, sponsors, and polished slides; we attend this conference every chance we get.

  • numerous FileMaker User Group meetings

  • numerous Apple Store Demonstrations


Industry Events

The only constant in this cloud-centric technology industry is change. The only way to stay up with this technology is to constantly re-invent ourselves. We see a number of our competitors which are offering the same services, on the same equipment as they did five years ago. As we are rolling out Windows Server 2012, they still offer Windows Server 2003. We attend a number of the major shows each year to see new products, form new partnerships, and see the latest  from our existing vendors.

  • Could Expo

Cloud Expo is an awesome place to explore new products and services. Many in the FileMaker community ‘live in a box’, we strive to embrace the best of cloud technologies to enhance FileMaker.

  • vmWorld

vmWorld attracts over 26,000 attendees annually, this show focuses on all things related to vmWare. Since we utilize vmWare’s leading cloud technology, this venue helps us better understand the direction of vmWare and how we can better server our clients.

  • vMUG

vMUG is a great resource without all the ‘massiveness’ of a vmWorld or Cloud Expo. This show also is a great resource for local contacts and partnerships.

  • HostingCon

HostingCon has much more of a ‘web’ feel than many of the other shows we attend. Many of our FileMaker users are looking to more toward web technologies, so it only makes sense that we can led our FileMaker users towards the appropriate technologies.

  • Parallels Summit

We do not currently utilize Parallels technology; however, we enjoy the SMB focus the Parallels Summit has offered the past few years, and 90% of the sessions are valid in any cloud architecture, not just their own.

New for 2013: DevCon Tailgate

Among our favorite show each year is the FileMaker Developer Conference. We have attended, spoken, and/or exhibited since 1999. This year we are hosting the DevCon Tailgate prior to the FileMaker Developer Conference 2013. For three days, we will gather to engage in deep conversation and technical sessions which are no longer practical at a venue the size of DevCon. In short we are going to help you get more from DevCon, because if you are like us DevCon just goes by too quickly.

To learn more about the Tailgate, click here.



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