FileMaker Hosting: only better, Worldcloud Sextant

Sextant is an awesome tools to manage your


FileMaker Server, your personal web portal, and your users and clients.



Going far beyond the capibilities of the Sever Admin Tool, Sextant is designed to help your users deploy there solutions with ease.


Worldcloud Spyglass

Spyglass originally started life as a proof of concept demo to show how many solutions could utilizing simple push-pull scripts to deliver robust, truly mobile iPad solutions without complexity. Like any ‘good’ demo file it needed to ‘do something’ so the

  • Unlimited slides: Distribute all slides to all your salesman- always up to date
  • Unlimited Presentations: Name sets of slides as ‘presentations’
  • Interactive search: In the middle of a presentation, you can go find and display a slide not in the set
  • History: Each time a presentaion is given it is uploaded to the hosted solution and becomes a part of the client history


Worldcloud PowerShell

PowerShell has been around for years, but recently Microsoft introduced PowerShell 3.0, which is now the defacto standard in Windows automation. Most of the Server 2012 mangement interfaces utilize Powershell, and there are now over 2,600 commands available, with the ability to add more from third parties.

As a FileMaker deeloper, many of us are seeking ways to remove client-side plug-in in favor of technologies which work well with IWP, FileMaker Go, etc.

  • Javascript Transitions: using the power of mootools, the widget fades between lists of your content posts
  • Previews: set the number of characters you wish to display from your posts
  • Section Control: choose posts from particular categories
  • Auto Update: select whether the widget auto-updates using AJAX



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