Client Virtualization

  • Microsoft vApp

    • This service will stream your FileMaker solution to a 'normal' window, so the user has the same look and feel of a FileMaker application/ solution with the speed of a streamed network solution. Utilizing Microsoft Remote Desktop for Windows, these applications are highly secure and efficient.

      For complex network solutions, like FileMaker Pro, a vApp based solution can perform much faster than a traditional FileMaker Remote client.
    From $20.00/mo
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  • 2X Application Hosting

    • Application Hosting for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and others...
    From $32.00/mo
    $30.00 Setup Fee
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  • Microsoft Terminal Services

    • Create a virtual desktop on any remote system using mature technology. Hosted with Server 2008R2
    From $20.00/mo
    $5.00 Setup Fee
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