11 Mar

FileMaker Pro Virtual Desktops

The industry has a number of names for this technology: ‘Virtual Desktop Interface’, “Terminal Services Desktop’,  ‘cloud desktop’, and others. The concept is that each user has a ‘virtual’ desktop, each with their own set of applications, folders, and network access.

These clients are ideal for thin clients as they allow the user to ‘feel’ like they are using a ‘real’ computer even though no operating system, no apps, or no equipment to maintain.

Many developers like this flexibility, as they can install all their applications and have access to the same apps, the same preferences, the same control- no matter where they happen to be and/or what type of system they are on. They can be ‘on-site’ and still have all the ‘tools’ they would have from their own office.
We currently have three FileMaker virtual desktop client services:

    • Microsoft Desktop Services: Remote Desktop
      • great for Windows users
      • our most affordable choice
      • works with thin client devices
    • 2X Desktop Streaming
      • Works on almost any device, inlcuding Mac and Android
      • Fastest VDI experience in the industry
    • Citrix XenDesktop
      • the corporate choice
      • most mature service in the industry
    • Cybellesoft ThinRDP
      • a complete HTML5 client- provides a FileMaker VDI to the web
      • requires no software to be installed

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