Non-profit FileMaker Hosting: Discounts for charities

Worldcloud is receives no tax credit for providing services to non-profits, nor any other ‘consideration’. We typically aren’t even permitted to use ‘non-profit’ licenses from FileMaker to support these accounts. Worldcloud provides some of the most cost affective hosting solutions in the market, so it is rare that we lose business over price; therefore we consider any discount we give as ‘cash’.

Understanding this viewpoint, it is reasonable to only provide ‘discounts’ by the same standards which we would give ‘cash’ to an organization. Although our criteria is not published, the following is evaluated when considering non-profit discounts:

  • Like-minded – does the non-profit support the similar political, moral and/or religious beliefs
  • Legitness – is the organization a ‘real’ organization that is productive in it’s service
  • Potential – what kind of impact does the non-profit hope to accomplish


The CEO of Worldcloud has sole authority to approve non-profit discounts; and typically the criteria is very well-defined; although we have chosen not to define our religious, political, and/or moral positions in this forum, we choose to only ‘invest’ in organizations which are consistent with the management of Worldcloud.

Please send a brief description of your organization, it’s mission, and your website to the following:

Support Northern Stars!!!

Alternatively, we actively support several organizations. If you make a donation to the Northern Stars Maritime Academy, or another charity on our ‘list’, we will discount your hosting expense on a dollar for dollar basis when you donate. If your hosting expenses are not already tax deductible, this is a way for you to decrease your taxes while serving ‘at-risk’ youth.

Northern Stars Maritime Academy is an organization which is currently in the process of raising funds for a year-long program for at-risk youth which are facing Alternative school, jail, or other ‘poor; situations. Each student will learn to crew a 171’ tall ship as it sails around North and Central America, giving each student with a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience and a ‘fresh-start’ to become a man/woman of integrity without the influence of their ‘former lives’.

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