16 Jan

FileMaker Pro Web Portals

Without a question, the most common request we get is to deliver FileMaker Pro to a web browser. Our FileMaker Pro web portals do exactly that. They will permit users which do not have FileMaker Pro installed to have a ‘FileMaker Pro’ experience.

    • Instant Web Publishing
      • most affordable solution
      • does not offer full ‘FileMaker Pro’ functionality
    • Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access
      • Worlks great with Windows users (no Mac support)
      • Supports Active Directory
    • 2X Web Portal
      • Supports most any system
      • Requires ‘free’ client download- auto installs on Windows
      • Most robust support of FileMaker Pro functionality
      • Offers FaceBook app support and others
    • Cybellesoft ThinRDP
      • Works on any HTML5 browser
      • Easy to integrate in ‘traditional’ web pages
      • no client to download

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