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Worldcloud routinely works with some of the best developers in the country. Over the years we have been introduced to FileMaker solutions, FileMaker tools, and/or services which can take your FileMaker-related project to the next level. Many of the products and services we recommend to client which utilize our coaching services.

The reality is that although we work in FileMaker everyday, we have a very 'specific' perspective when it comes to FileMaker. Many of these products and services where borne from very specific needs and are represented by some of the best minds in the FileMaker community.

Take FileMaker 'beyond the box'

Working smarter, for better results, in less time...

Creating Win-Win solutions for complex problems


The FileMaker community has created a wealth of solutions- most which will allow you to customize their functionality with the 'ease of FileMaker'. Why build when you can buy- jump start your development...



Extend FileMaker to provide the features that you need in a faction of the cost of building your own tools. These tools are design to work with code that you are already using-- simply makes it better!



Over the years we have found some awesome partners and services in the industry. The reaility is that many of the services are 'niche' areas where it is better to work with a 'pro' as opposes to re-creating expertise.


Purchase Your FileMaker Licenses from Worldcloud

We work with clients everyday which struggle with which FileMaker products they actually need. In many cases we have more options available than the website; not to mention we make our money through hosting. We make very little money of FileMaker licensing, as we give most of our 'discount' from FileMaker, Inc. to our clients as a 'thank you' for choosing us as your hosting provider.

Whether you need new licenses, renewals, and/or wish to discuss leasing your FileMaker licensing- we would be happy to give a quote and help you save money...


Benefits of our licensing:

  • Licensed directly from FileMaker, Inc.
  • Discounted Pricing
  • All license types available
  • Bundle with hosting for added savings
  • Any Version of FileMaker avialable
  • Buy, Upgrade, and/or Lease
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