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Why re-create the wheel

Leverage existing FileMaker-centric products and services with our world class hosting services

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Turn-Key Solutions

Many clients are not looking for hosting, they are not looking for FileMaker licensing, nor are they looking for a developer which has built a wonderful FileMaker database- we are looking for a ‘solution’, all these things bundled together with a bow on the top.

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FIleMaker Tools

To build or buy- that is the question which many FileMaker developer find themselves asking. There are a number of ‘bolt-on’ solutions and/or tools which can help take your FileMaker solution to the next level for far less time and frustration than writing custom code.

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Marketing Services

Many of our developers are aces in their respective industries; however just because they understand how to build a world class solution does not mean they have the resources and expertise to take it to market. We have a team with experience in building compelling marketing.

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Much more than simply hosting

Anyone can host a FileMaker solution, but we offer a complete set of solutions to help FileMaker Developers provide complete solutions.

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About FileMaker Market

The FileMaker Market is a place where any FileMaker solution can be showcased. Many of the solutions in the FileMaker Market are also a part of the Made for FileMaker site, where solutions go through an approval process with FileMaker, Inc. The ‘problem’ with many of these solutions is that they are difficult to ‘try-out’, install, and/or understand within the constraints of the Made for FileMaker site. We have found that many of the ‘cutting-edge’ solutions harness FileMaker technology with web and other technologies, which make self-running demo versions much more difficult.

For years, Worldcloud has been working with some of the most respected FileMaker developers in the country to help them sell, deploy, and support a number of FileMaker-based solutions. Our marketplace will take this to another level- including auto-provisioning and ‘real-world’ demo versions and other tools to make it simple for a prospect to discover new FileMaker solutions.

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FM Developer's Network

As a hosting company which caters to developers, more than one of these developers have approached us to refer their services to our clients. The reality is that there is a fine line between coaching and development.

The FM Developer’s Network was designed to aid quality FileMaker Developers to be able to support and scale their solutions and to better compete with larger development companies.

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Cityview Magazine

Unlike the FileMaker Business Alliance, which is largely focused on their own sales goals, Worldcloud has partnered with a publishing and media company with over 25 years of experience in working with the media. Much more than a few banner ads or press releases, the pros at Cityview Magazine have evolved their print media roots to become an excellent resource for small technology companies which are trying to promote their solutions.

Many FileMaker developers have crafted solutions which are ‘best in class’, but they lack the experience with marketing plans, media events, and other expertise in marketing.

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Access to Experts

Our partners have certifications from scores of industry associations. They attend numerous conferences and trade shows every year. We have far more access to experts than most any individual developer. From cloud technology, to security, firewalls, mobile devices, graphic arts, sign making, trade show displays, etc.

Our staff and our partners can extend your expertise…

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Developer-centric Services

There are many quality developers which use Worldcloud to take their solutions to the next level and create world class services.

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Many ‘to-be’ commercial solutions have been evolved from a custom solution and/or from a specific Use Case. Our staff has the experience to see the ‘bigger’ picture to help make your solution marketable as a commercial solution.

Your solution is your own, and Worldcloud can support many pricing models. We can also provide assistance in choosing the best pricing model for your market. We host hundreds of FileMaker solutions and we can walk you through the ‘pros and cons’ of each pricing structure.

Security for an in-house solution does not typically need to be as robust as a SaaS solution. Many FileMaker developers can use a little help in creating secure solutions which are publicly available.
From two-factor authentication, subscription management, and robust logging support; we have the expertise to assure that your client’s data stays safe.

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FileMaker, Inc. does a good job of educating users of the ‘traditional’ means to deploy FileMaker; however, there are third party products and services which offer additional ways to host a FileMaker solution which many developers are not aware of.

Security (traditionally) is about protecting your client’s data from prying eyes; however, if you choose to publish your FileMaker solution, you may nned to also think about how do you protect your intellilectual property. As a SaaS based solution, the data may belong to the client; but the layouts, scripts, relationships, etc. are your property. We can help you provide extensible services without risking your code.

We work very hard to create a set of services which is appropriate for each client/ service. Since each SaaS service is so unique, we strive to produce bundles which make your solution stand out in the marketplace. I many cases, we can bundle hosting, support, and/or setup services in one simple package and allow you to market your solution with our services without our branding- white label.

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Find a Solution

We realize that our site has a number of different pages and descriptions. Many users have found us in hopes of finding a solution to a specific problem. Since we have hosted so many solutions, for so many developers; we are in the best position to ‘steer’ you.

Since Worldcloud does not author commercial FileMaker solutions, our advice is non-biased and is based on years of experience. If you have a challenge, let us give you our opinion.

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Find a Tool

Many users need to ‘teach’ their FileMaker solutions a new trick or two. From synchronization, to improved email support, to QuickBooks integration; there are hundreds of FileMaker tools which we have seen in action- far more than the few we have been able to showcase on our website.

Contact us to discover how these tools can help you.

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Find a Developer

I heard once it said, “It’s not about finding a good developer, but one which is good for us”. We have worked with scores of professional FileMaker developers and FileMaker-centric consultancies. We understand that differences in approach, pricing, and expertise. We also understand that many are known for specific types of projects and/or technology- and at times, we know who is hungry for new projects.

We typically would recommend a different developer for federal government compliance than someone needing help with a small non-profit. We can give you candid advice as we typically avoid the role of ‘developer’ on major projects, but have worked with many of the brightest minds in the FileMaker Community.


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