2014 FileMaker Developer's Conference


We love Devcon. Devcon is our annual event to inspire us and help us raise the bar with our own services. We love seeing all our old friends and meeting new one. The FileMaker website will list a ton of reasons which you should attend, but in our opinion you shouldn’t go to Devcon with a specific singular goal. There are always a few ‘gems’ which come out of each Devcon- things that you never planned on learning which will likely guide your development more than any specific session. Go to Devcon to learn the things that you didn’t know you didn’t know.

We have attended Devcon since 1999 and we certainly think that the ‘investment’ is worth the money. If you are concerned about money, we suggest that you you come early and join the Worldcloud staff and other FileMaker veterans on the Saturday preceding Devcon… more details to come


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