filemaker developer fixesUnlike many of the ‘major’ FileMaker development firms, we work on a number of ‘fix-it’ type projects. We spend much of our time supporting professional FileMaker developers which lack the time, expertise, or other resources to complete a project. Our goal is to support our clients, not compete with them.

We have several Certified FileMaker Developers on staff, in addition we have a number of professional FileMaker developers which contract with Worldcloud.

Our billing is also fairly unique within the industry. We have three levels of development. We all realize that not all FileMaker projects take the same level of developer; however, many consultants charge the same for ‘simple’ tasks as they do for tasks which justifiably require a FileMaker veteran.

Whether you are a developer looking for extra work, or if you have some work you can not handle; you should give us a call…

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