FileMaker Training: On-site Classes

Worldcloud can provide FileMaker Training in most any location- we have developers scattered across the globe. We can train your staff on how to be better developers, or we can train your users to use your FileMaker-centric solution. We can train as ‘Worldcloud’ staff, or we are happy to represent your company.

One-on-one Online consultations

In 2012, Worldcloud staff travelled to Birmingham, Chicago, Montreal, Jacksonville, Denver, Napa Valley, and San Francisco to meet with clients and help them work through specific challenges. Although we had many more consultations via Join Me; in some cases there is nothing like reviewing code in person and drawing on a whiteboard.

Cruising for Improved FileMaker Skills

FileMaker Training at SeaWe and our clients have traveled to Panama Canal, Aruba, Columbia, Costa Rica, Grand Cayman, St. Thomas, and numerous other places in the name of ‘great programming’. For any of you which have ever been on a cruise, you will know that the ‘pace of relaxation’ aboard a ship is designed to allow you time to read a book, play a game by the pool, or whatever. We replace the ‘normal’ free time abroad ship to work on specific FileMaker challenges. We bring a FileMaker Server, so that on today’s Wifi enabled ships, have can offer a multi-user FileMaker environment without expensive connections. We go to our favorite last minute cruise website and we join you and your staff on a cruise for a week or so. Most every day we spend hours working on your FileMaker solutions, but every evening you get to spend time with your family or whomever you wish to bring along. Even when we take ‘optional’ shore excursions, we often will end up talking FileMaker.

We normally utilize cruises at about 75% off, so this venue is often available for less than $100 per person per day, and certainly offers more ‘perks’ than getting together for the week in a corporate training room. If you have a solution that you are trying to take to the next level, or staff that need a venue ‘away from everyday distractions’ to get the most from their training- this is the way to go. Internet access to available on every ship we utilize; so access to email, RDP, and other tools allow your staff to handle ‘business’ while away.

FileMaker training: Code Evaluations

Many FileMaker solutions have a ‘life’ of their own. In many cases they are created to complete a very small, specific task; and then over the years they evolve into a huge set of layouts, scripts, and tables which have grown far beyond the initial vision. To make matters more complex, FileMaker has given us new tools over the years so in many cases there will be a mix of techniques used within the same file. The ‘expertise’ level of the developer can also often been seen throughout a solution.

We have seen so many solutions, we are very good at recognizing not only what the database is doing, but in most cases we can offer suggestions to improve the user interface, security, or performance of your solution.

FileMaker Training: Next Step Training

Many ‘consultancies’ want to actually want to do you FileMaker coding for you; however, in many cases you may be in a better position to create a better solution. In many cases, you are the subject matter expert and in many cases we can help you learn specific FileMaker techniques and best practices which will allow you to use your expertise to create functional solutions. Our ‘next step’ type approach is designed to train you or your staff to take your solution to the next level.

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