Trial Subscriptions are ‘Real’ accounts

FileMaker Trial hosting accountsOnce a week or so, someone calls and is ‘offended’ by our ‘free trial’ policy. Our trials are like most others in the industry. You are signing up for our service, we establish your account on ‘real’ servers and if you choose not to cancel, we will begin to invoice you like any other account.

You can cancel at any time; however, if you do not cancel in the first two weeks- our system will send you an invoice. This invoice is due in two weeks and is for the next month’s service. Example: if you sign up on Jan 1st, we will send you an invoice on Jan 15th, which is due on Feb 1st. This invoice is ‘forward facing’, meaning that you are paying for February’s service (service dates will be on each invoice). Your first 30 days are truly free on most?new monthly accounts. Add-on accounts, non-monthly accounts, and/or some of our virtual client accounts are not available as trials. Please call if you have questions- we will work with you to make sure you have a chance to ‘test drive’. If our system fails to give you a free trial on a qualifying service, we will gladly give you a refund. Example: if you have six users using 2X accounts and you add a seventh account, our system is not designed to ‘trial’ that seventh account; as it is fairly obvious at this stage that our service is going to work.

If you choose to cancel on the 30th day of a trial, you owe nothing; however, we can not wait until Feb 1st to invoice clients, if we expect to be paid on Feb 1st. Most clients will use a credit card for automatic billing; however, we still send invoices to all clients as you have a right to see any charges we make to your card prior to the date we charge your card.


After your trial, we accept automatic payments, one-time credit card payments, PayPal, and/or mail-in checks.

We do not ‘require’ automatic payments, nor do we have a minimum contract length.


Using the Client Portal to Cancel Anytime

If you choose to cancel, you need to cancel through the same client portal which you used to place your original order. If you can not recall your credentials, our system can send them to the ’email address on record’. If you call us, open a trouble ticket, and/or send us an email; we can not close your account via these methods as we have a responsibility to make sure you are in fact who you are who you are supposed to be.

We once had a developer, who had been fired by a mutual client, call us and ask us to close the account knowing it would create problems for his former client. We happened to be aware of the situatioWe do not ‘try’ to give users any ‘grief’ if they choose to close an account; however, we have to ‘reasonable care’ in every aspect of our hosting. We take the responsibility of hosting very seriously.

Once you log into our client portal, you have to navigate to the ‘service’ tab. Once you select a specific service, you will see a button to ‘cancel service’. Some our clients will have multiple services. Example, a client may have 5 vApp accounts and a FileMaker Shared hosting account. By having each service listed separate a user can terminate a vApp for a specific user without affecting the other users. A few frustrated users have accused us of ‘hiding’ the cancel button. The reality is that we utilize one of the most popular billing packages in the hosting business, so over 20,000 other hosting companied utilize this exact same process. Each service is added individually, thus they have to be cancelled individually.

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