Dedicated hosting: your own machine

?Starting at $100 a month

With the release of FileMaker 13, many users which may never had reason to consider a dedicated server may have reason to consider a dedicated server. WebDirect and the introduction of ‘concurrent’ licensing changes the dynamics of a hosted FileMaker system.

More Control

Tasks such as server-side scripting, PDF creation, and/or more advanced web hosting options are all common reasons to consider a dedicated FileMaker Server 13 hosting plan. Although FileMaker does not ‘technically’ support side-PDF generation, the most common methods to accomplish this goal require near-absolute control over the server environment (robot functionality).


On our shared plans, we ‘pool’ users together and rent FileMaker Go/ WebDirect (concurrent) licensing on a monthly basis; however, for those users which have a very consistent need, a dedicated server may offer a better value. We offer monthly licensing which saves you the cost of up-front, annual licensing or you have the option of providing your own FileMaker licensing. Utilizing your own dedicated FileMaker Server can make larger-scale FileMaker WebDirect deployments more practical, as you have 100% of the resources and/or licensing.


Since much more of the ‘computing power’ is provided by the server using WebDirect, the configuration on the system becomes much more important. If you have a complex FileMaker solution and/or you wish to handle a large number of WebDirect sessions, then being able to monitor and control your resources is the best way to deliver the appropriate amount of ‘computing power’.

Among the options we offer:

  • RAM, up to 2TB per machine!
  • Processors, any number or Xeon-class processors (up to 96 per machine)
  • Drive space and/or number of partitions
  • SSD drives with FileMaker Server 12 offer fastest speed availableDrive types (including RAID-6 SSD- fastest solution on the market)
  • Operating system, MacOS Server or Windows Server
  • FileMaker, ?Server or Server Advanced- any version
  • Third party software: QuickBooks, mySQL, SuperContainer, etc.
  • Ability to install third part plug-ins, scheduled scripts, etc.
  • Use Remote Desktop Connectional Tool to manage
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Our FileMaker Server 13 systems aren’t just some virtual machine running FileMaker. Your dedicated server is supported by a cluster to redundant servers located in secure datacenters across the globe with enterprise-level equipment. We utilize Microsoft Windows 2012R2 on our servers, and our configurations are well-tested and constantly evolving to provide the best FileMaker experience available.

Unless you have special requirements, our dedicated FileMaker servers are ‘practically’ identical to each other; so we have ‘real-world’ FileMaker-centric expertise to help mange your FileMaker server than most any other provider.


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