In 2014 we introduced ‘free’ FileMaker Hosting which was ‘free’ in the since that everything that we typically charge for, we didn’t- storage space, licensing, bandwidth, etc.; however, some people have been very outspoken that they should not ‘ever’ have to pay. Although we fail to agree with this logic, we have added a new offer for 2015.

Trade your development for hosting services

Trade your development time for hosting services

We are giving our clients to a chance to help us with some of our development projects, and in return we will ‘trade’ these development for hosting services.

Although we are ‘FileMaker guys’, our development needs typically are much more diverse than just FileMaker- even though most every project has a connection to FileMaker.

We typically keep a fairly long list to ‘in-house’ projects- many of which we have planned for some time and never had time to complete them. In several cases, we have access to ‘beta’ versions of FileMaker and/or other software and we desire to develop new/ enhanced tools to take advantages of the latest technology. Among the technologies which are on our current list include:

  • FileMaker 13 or newer
  • FileMaker Server Plug-in development- 64 bit, C++
  • Help desk/ chat support
  • PowerShell 3.0
  • PHP/ Web development
  • Windows Batch Scripting
  • WordPress and/or WordPress plug-in implementation
  • WHMCS management/ add-ons
  • Others?

We are happy to discuss these projects on a ‘one on one’ basis, but we don’t really wish to outline our future functionality to the ‘rest of the world’ until they are ready. If you have some time, let us know what type of skills you have and we will try to match you up with a project.

You will work under an experienced, technical Project Manager, which will help guide you and provide feedback. If you are ‘exploring’ new skill sets, this is great way to work on projects in an environment where you have support.

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