FileMaker Pro Virtual Applications look like ‘normal’ FileMaker Pro, acts like FileMaker Pro, and offers all the features of FileMaker Pro. The reality is that FileMaker Pro is installed on several of our Xeon-based enterprise system and through two private Gigabit Ethernet connections which communicate directly with another system running FileMaker Server. Among our ‘streaming application’ services, these technologies simply ‘watch’ these copies of FileMaker Pro and send the changes to a window on your computer.


This technique can take 20% of the bandwidth required by FileMaker Pro in communicating with FileMaker Server- which means that these clients can perform up to five times faster. This is even more apparent on cellular-based connections or in situations where your users are spread all over the world.

More Secure

The ‘screen updates’ are tunneled within an encrypted connection and are more secure than a traditional FileMaker Pro connections. We also have the option to provide them via VPN connections. If all your clients utilize virtual clients, we can remove public access from your FileMaker Server which makes your Server more secure as well.

Easier to Deploy

In most cases, there is a simply desktop icon which launches just like any other icon, the only difference is that it is really setting up a virtual application streaming session. These solutions do not require that FileMaker Pro be installed on the local machine. In fact the local machine does not even need to meet the normal requirements for FileMaker Pro. These virtual applications will run on old legacy machines, Windows systems, MacOS X, iOS, Android, Blackberry, and/or Windows RT Tablets. Why limit your solutions?


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