For several years, worldcloud has offered Microsoft Remote Desktop Services RemoteApp services to stream FileMaker Pro (we call it vApp for FileMaker). These solutions work great, but many other companies such as 2XCitrix, Cybelle, Ericom, Spark, and many others have created enhancements to Microsoft’s technology. Generally sepaking they are faster, print better, easier to manage, and run on more platforms when compared to Microsoft RemoteApp.

Why 2X and FileMaker Pro?

2X has emerged as a leader in the industry. Virtualization Review today announced that 2X ApplicationServer XG is an Editor’s Choice recipient in the Virtualization Review Annual Reader’s Choice Awards. Virtualization Review is the first and only print publication solely devoted to IT virtualization. 2X ApplicationServer XG was recognized by the Editor for its excellence in Virtual Desktop and Application more

As a FileMaker-centric provider, we wanted a solution which worked equally well on a MacOS, Android, iOS, or Blackberry d

evice as it did on Windows. We have worked with 2X for the past few years and we have uptained their 2Xpert certification. During this time, we have watched the number of service and products evolve from the guys at 2X much more rapidly than their competitors.

2X applications can actually run FileMaker Pro hosted solutions up to five times faster than a traditional FileMaker Pro client- while devilering better security and more flexibility. 2X FileMaker Pro clients are available month to month, with almost no money ‘up-front’. 2X also provides us the ability to offer ‘group’ or concurrent user pricing which is not available with Microsoft’s user centric licensing.

Application Streaming: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and others

2X works in several ‘modes’, but most of our users want to utilize to deliver a specific FileMaker Pro solution, as easily as if FileMaker Pro (the application) and the FileMaker file (data) was sitting locally of their own machine. 2X allows users several options to connected to their published databases.

FileMaker Pro virtual application


One of the awesome things about 2X, is that there are so many ways to deploy a 2X powered application. If you are looking to deploy your FileMaker Pro solution across the web; 2X provides options which are fasters, more secure, and easier to deploy than those options based on strictly on FileMaker products. 2X makes FileMaker better!

Below is a summary of some of the ways 2X can be deployed:

Option 1: 2X Web Portal

FileMaker’s Instant Web Publishing does not support keyboard shortcuts, conditional formating, plug-in support, consistant printing and a host of other features; however, we are consistantly asked questions about IWP because developers wish to send their users to a page web and allow them to enjoy a full ‘FileMaker Pro’ experaince. The worldcloud 2X web portal can deliver on that promise

Here’s a sample portal (user: demo, password: demo)

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We can create a ‘customized’ Web portal for any client- your logo, your HTML, our streaming applications. In addition, direct links and bookmakrs are also supported

FileMaker Pro saved as a bookmark

As an adminsitrator, you can control which apps, documents, and/or FileMaker solutions are available to which users.

Admin console here

Option 2: 2X Client

Many users enjoy the 2X because it provides a user to build their own shortcuts. Once shortcuts are created, they act like any other shortcut, not to mention they gain access to control PDF Preview features, extended Printing options, as well as other settings.

Getting started with 2X is normally a 1 time process, which inlcudes the following steps:

  1. Download the appropiate client (Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and others)
  1. Launch 2x client app and enter user credentials(user: demo password: demo)
  2. Launch for solution
  3. Optional, create shortcuts

Option 3: Desktop Shortcut

Once your users have the 2X Client installed, you can send them shortcuts via email, network sharepoints, or web links. This can provide one-click access to your FileMaker solutions.

Option 4: Preconfigured 2X Clients

Instead of forcing your clients to enter a bunch of ‘settings’, you can prepare a 2X client which already has already has all your settings built-in.

Option 5: FaceBook application

Many clients/ users do not care what tools where used to create the database, they just want to gather information from their users. The 2X FaceBook client can publish your FileMaker solution to anyone on FaceBook!

Option 5: HTML5 Clients

We currently offer several HTML5 solutions to stream your FileMaker solutions within a HTML5 client. Our sources tell us that 2X is going to release their own HTML5 client in the coming months. In the meantime, check out our Cybelle and Spark-based services, but as we mentioned above- 2X has proven themsleves to provide a very solid, very versitale product line in an ever-changing market.


worldcloud has years of experiance of working with 2X and FileMaker. We are happy to answer any of your questions, plus we are very transparent so in many cases we can refer you to resources, such as the following:


Pricing for 2X is less expensive than Citrix, more flexible than RemoteApp, and the fastest FileMaker streaming client on the market. We offer plans for users which already own FileMaker Pro licensing, as well as options for those who do not. Prices start at $30/user/mth

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