For several years, worldcloud has offered Microsoft Remote Desktop Services RemoteApp services hosted from Microsoft Windows 2008R2 to stream FileMaker Pro (we call it vApp for FileMaker). These solutions work great, are affordable, and in most cases require no software to install. Even our more expensive services are devilered as add-ons to Microsoft’s technology. Generally sepaking Microsoft allowed companies like Citrix to develop the market and now the current versions of RemoteApp offer most every feature of the others for less cost.

Microsoft RemoteApp and FileMaker Pro?

As a FileMaker-centric provider, our users wanted to have all the finctionality of FileMaker Pro, without having to install FileMaker Pro- a ‘cloud version of FileMaker’. RemoteApp applications can actually run FileMaker Pro hosted solutions up to five times faster than a traditional FileMaker Pro client- while devilering better security and more flexibility.

Cloud FileMaker Pro


RemoteApps are ideal for our Windows-based users, as most Windows systems since Windows XP have included the ability to run RemoteApps with no additional software to be dowloaded.

FileMaker ‘streamed’ as an Application

RemoteApp, not to be confused with Microsoft Remote Desktop Services connections, displays only a FileMaker Pro solution, as easily as if FileMaker Pro (the application) and the FileMaker file (data) was sitting locally of their own machine.?RemoteApp allows users several options to connected to their published databases.

Option 1: Microsoft Web Portal

FileMaker’s Instant Web Publishing or FileMaker WebDirect does not support keyboard shortcuts, custom menus, plug-in support, consistant printing and a host of other features; thus, we are consistantly asked questions about FileMaker Instant Web Publising and FileMaker WebDirect?because developers wish to send their users to a page web and allow them to enjoy a full ‘FileMaker Pro’ experaince, our vApp for FileMaker can deliver on that promise.

The only ‘issue’ with the Microsoft Web portal is that it requires ActiveX, and those generally is only available to Windows users.

Here’s a sample portal. (user: demo, password: demo)

[button link=”” color=”#ff7b00″ button_size=”m” style=”1″ dark=”1″ target=”self”] Enter Demo vApp for FileMaker Portal [/button]

Option 2: Desktop Windows Shortcut

This is the most popular method to launch a RemoteApp-based solution. These can be built with custom icons and names to help brand your solutions. A quick link on any web page can provide users access to your FileMaker soluiton.

Download Sample Link here?(.rdp)

For users which do not desire to setup a ‘web’ link to thier FileMaker Pro solution, these ‘links’ are very small and are easily sent via email as an attachment. The attachment can be saved to the Desktop or any folder for ‘1-click’ access to your FileMaker Pro solutions. These shortcuts are techincally text files, so there are typically no issues with ‘access rights’. Even users in ‘locked-down’ environments can normally recieve and utilize these links without issue. Microsoft now supports Windows, Windows RT, MacOS, iOS, and with RemoteApp support (new for 2013).


Option 3: Preconfigured Windows Installer

One issue with a ‘shortcut’ to your FileMaker solution, is that they can easily be moved, deleted, or renamed. For a support tech, not being able to tell a user specifically where to look is an issue; thus we can build an installer package which will install can install your shortcuts within the Start menu, so there is absolute consistency from user to user

This option gives your solution even more of the ‘feel’ of a traditional application, and we can apply any icon, Program Group Name, and solution name you require. Vertical market solution providers like this option as they can ‘brand’ their solution.

This option also allows local files unsing the .fp7 or .fmp12 extenstions to automatically launch your virtual FileMaker Pro client, allowing you virtual ‘FileMaker Pro’ to act even more like a ‘traditional’ FileMaker Pro client. This feature can be turned on or off, so if you do not want users to create and/or open ‘renegade’ FileMaker files, this feature is optionaland is designed to allow developers and/or administrators greater control.

Typically, you would only need one of the following, but some browser security settings prevent users from directly downloading an installer. (a.k.a.- a Windows Installer/.msi file).

Option 4: RDP Client

?(Remote Desktop Protocol)

On a Windows machine, a user would never go to Remote Desktop Connection to connect to a RemoteApp, even though this application supports a RemoteApp. The reason we list this as an option, is because there are dozens of RDP apps for MacOS, Android, iOS, and others which although do not technically support RemoteApp, they be set up to offer most of the characteristics of a RemoteApp and certainly can deliver your virtual FileMaker solution beyond the Windows platform without the added cost of more advanced solutions, such as?2X.

Getting started with a RDP is normally a 1 time process. The process will be slightly different based on which client is chossen. Here are a few choices:

MacOS X RDP Clients

iOS, (iPhone, iPad, iPod)?RDP Clients, FileMaker Pro for iPad

Android?RDP Clients, FileMaker Pro for Android

BlackberryRDP Clients, FileMaker Pro for Blackberry

      • 2X?(free)

Linux RDP Clients, FileMaker Pro for Linux

Many of these tools do not natively hide the Start Menu and Desktop; however with a few additional settings you can allow these non-Windows RDP solutions to look very similar to a native RemoteApp. instructions here

Documentation?and Demo

worldcloud has years of experience of working with Remote Desktop Services RemoteApp and FileMaker. We are happy to answer any of your questions, plus we are very transparent so in many cases we can refer you to resources, such as the following:

This site has been created as a ‘demo’ page for Worldcloud RemoteApp virtual FileMaker Pro clients. These clients allow users which do not have FileMaker Pro installed on their device to enjoy a FileMaker Pro experience which is up to five times faster, more secure, and easier to deploy than a traditional FileMaker solution.


Generally, vApp for FileMaker start at $20 per user per month. If your users do not have FileMaker Pro licensing, then we can rent them FileMaker Pro for $15/mth. For workgroups of 10 users or more and/or users which utilize a dedicated FileMaker Server from worldcloud, we can provide you the ability to customize your own web portal.

Use the following button to review all the options and get pricing:

[button link=”″ color=”#ff7b00″ button_size=”m” style=”1″ dark=”1″ target=”self”] Order vApp for FileMaker / Get Quote [/button]

‘Cloud’ FileMaker Pro Bundles

The reality is that to take full advantage of a vApp at Worldcloud, you really need to also have a FileMaker Server hosting account with us- this way our ‘virtual’ FileMaker Pro clients have the quickest response times. We have put together a few bundles to make it simple to try out FileMaker Pro in the cloud.

‘Getting Started’ Bundle

This bundle includes (2) vApp for FileMaker accounts, a Shared FileMaker hosting account, and features no startup fees. Keep one vApp to ‘develop’ with and use the ‘other’ for your ‘client’. This is a great way to get started with virtual FileMaker Pro clients.

‘Small Business’ Bundle

This bundle includes (5) vApp for FileMaker accounts, a Shared FileMaker hosting account, and features no startup fees. Keep one vApp to ‘develop’ with and use the ‘others’ for your clients. This is a great way to get started with virtual FileMaker Pro clients.

‘Accounting’ Bundle

FileMaker Server was built for the cloud; however, QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Enterprise have been designed to work within a local network. By using our vApp technology, we can ‘cloud-enable’ QuickBooks so that users from across the globe can access the same set of books. In this bundle we include a vApp for FileMaker Pro (client) account), a QuickBooks Pro account, a shared ‘QuickBooks’ server account, and a shared FileMaker Server account. Works great with the FileMaker- QuickBooks plug-ins.

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