is now offering its FileMaker XenApp solution for workgroups, providing the ability to stream your complete hosted FileMaker workgroup solution end-to-end, without the need to install FileMaker client locally. The XenApp solution completes the missing-link needed for hosted database speed and geographical distribution by taking the latency out of the picture. Workgroups can now access their hosted FileMaker databases from within the global network and enjoy the like-local speeds in their solution searches, retrievals, scripts and more. Both your custom server-side and client-side plug-ins are supported and available to all solutions users in your workgroup.
Pricing is very affordable, with starter packages consisting of your hosted FileMaker databases + 1 to 25 XenApp users starting at $50/monthly per user. The solution is scalable and you can increase your number of XenApp users at anytime with pricing on a per-user basis. Pricing per-user is even lower with larger workgroups, available on quote.*

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As featured in “Made for FileMaker” at

1) Launch the XenApp for FileMaker from your secure webpage – cross-platform Mac and Windows


2) FileMaker XenApp is streamed to your desktop, double-click on your solution shortcut and your solution is launched – simply begin working with your solution

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Additional examples of XenApp profiles with custom applications – contact us to get started! XenApp for FileMaker 11 and Microsoft Office 2007 XenApp for FileMaker 11 and Microsoft Office 2010

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