Help! My FileMaker Server is Down!

We understand that some clients will always better better served with a local FileMaker Server. Although these cases are getting less common; Worldcloud still has hosting services to make your server better. We spend a lot of time, attention, and money to make sure that our FileMaker Servers stay up and running at all times. We have an architecture which feature no single point of failure.

The average ‘on-site’ FileMaker Server does not enjoy these same advanatages- until now! Utilizing the Worldcloud Neverfail services, we can ‘pair’ your local server with one of our servers so should their be a failure in the your hardware, network connection, etc. the NeverFail system will swap you DNS addresses and your users will automatically be re-directed to the ‘cloud server’. This is the service you buy when your FileMaker server absolutely can not be permitted to fail.


Keeping FileMaker Running When Disaster Strikes

Disaster. The very word summons images of flood, fire, power outages, other site-wide catastrophes and expensive recovery costs. All disaster scenarios may not be so severe, but they are all equally disruptive to business operations.

Employees and customers must be able to use business-critical applications at any time, day or night. Access to these applications becomes even more critical in the event of a disaster. Disaster Recovery solutions based on traditional backup alone do not work. Their recovery times are measured in hours, if not days.

The Neverfail Solution: Neverfail v6

  • Proactively monitors the entire server environment including FileMaker Server.
  • Replicates data in real-time even over low-bandwidth, high latency WAN connections.
  • Provides seamless failover and failback using application-specific awareness, integration and automation capabilities.

Key Disaster Recovery Features

  • Neverfail intelligently discovers all application files, registry settings, services and databases associated with a specific application.
  • Saves time, money and lowers risk by eliminating manual migration to new FileMaker Server.
  • Automatically monitors the availability of all key services associated with a specific application.
  • Improves availability by showing not only whether a server is available or not, but what is happening within the application.
  • Provides data compression and inline data de-duplication options for low bandwidth environments- great for small business server replication.


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