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Many of our competitors downplay their commitment to FileMaker as they are marketing their servers to ‘other’ environments; however, we feel our experience in FileMaker makes us better qualified to host the ‘other’ environments than most other providers. Database servers (like FileMaker) are some of the most demanding environments to host. The majority of our clients have ‘mission-critical’ FileMaker solutions which can NOT go down- this is why we go to the extent we do on redundancy.

These attributes are also want many users are looking for in ‘other’ types of servers. We apply the same expertise, redundancy, and safeguards to all our servers. We don’t run from our FileMaker roots, but rather we embrace the lessons we’ve learned from FileMaker hosting to all of our servers.

Small Business Expertise

Many of our clients are small businesses, without an IT department, and without ‘internal’ servers. Many of these clients have been using ‘economy’, consumer-grade services where multiple clients share resources. As a company grows, the drawbacks and risks of ‘shared’ servers multiply, so we have teamed with Jumpbox to provide well-tested, professionally-supported versions of hundreds of server environments. These dedicated servers are much safer, much faster, and more flexible than any ‘shared’ server.

Preconfigured Servers


Microsoft is the most popular Operating System vendor in the world, and as we look towards business systems much of the reason for their dominance in business can be attributed to their ‘server tools’ which make it easier to manage users, security, private networks, etc. Microsoft’s latest version of thier ‘small business’ servers is call Windows Server 2012 Essentials. If you operate in a Windows environment without a dedicated server for your users, you should consider 2012 Essentials as your best ‘first server’.

Windows Server 2012 Essentials



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