Worldcloud offers world-class hardware and support, but we are ‘FileMaker guys’, so we have teamed with Jumpbox to deliver well-tested, proven server images to run within our cloud environment. We support the cloud application servers with the same monitoring as all our other servers.

Save Time

Run anywhere, run instantly

A JumpBox is a “ready-to-use” virtual machine that will run in minutes on any computing environment that supports virtualization. A single download is compatible with any Worldcloud server and/or datacenter.

Once deployed a JumpBox delivers a fully-functional instance of an application that you can start using right away.  You can think of it like a “frozen TV dinner” that just needs to be “cooked” with virtualization. We take care of all the complex “meal preparation.”


An extensive library of software

The JumpBox library contains more than fifty-five different applications spanning all major product categories.  It is the world’s most complete selection of “ready to use” Open Source server software.

If you’re looking for an application that’s not currently in our library we love to hear suggestions. The more an application is suggested, the higher priority it receives as a candidate for inclusion.  Ultimately we choose the best-of-breed applications in each category and thoroughly vet each one so you know you’re working with a top-quality toolset.

You can quickly flip through the selection using the ticker below.

Tomcat 7.xJoomla!Drupal 7GallerySugarCRMJoomla!ElggOpenVPNAsteriskStatusNetOmekaTomcatOpenEMMDSpaceLimeSurveyJasperReports ServerLAPP DeploymentTracksMindTouch CorePostgreSQLGLPINagios 3.xGalleryZenossMagentoOpenfireRuby on RailsLAMP DeploymentMySQLMovable TypeDrupalMoodleCactiphpBBTikiWikiMoin MoinPmWikiRedmineJoomla! OpenLDAPProjectPierSilverstripeMantisBugzillaAlfrescoOTRSDokuWikiTrac/SubversionWordpressvTigerPunBBMediaWiki

Evaluate applications without investing hours of your time.

The initial process of investigating an application to see if it does what you want can consume hours of your time.  With JumpBox you can try any of over fifty different Open Source applications in minutes.

Download and run them on your favorite virtualization platform or take advantage of our cloud deployment option for instant trials on Amazon EC2. With a simple widget-based interface for controlling your instances evaluation has never been easier.

Start using them in production without having to purchase hardware.

Let’s say you’re in the pre-funding phase of a startup company. You and your team could work out of a coffee shop, host a CRM JumpBox on one of your laptops and have everyone making calls accessing the same system.

Or let’s say you’re an IT admin at a school that’s facing a budget crunch.  You have a few teachers asking for wikis and blogs to use in their classes but no hardware budget to work with. You could launch a bunch of different apps on EC2, select the ones you like, terminate the others and leave them hosted there until you have the budget to move them in-house to dedicated hardware.

Download and run locally or launch in the cloud. Since the application is completely decoupled from the host OS you needn’t worry up front about where it will ultimately live.


Reduce Headaches

No more tangled applications.

You’ve likely encountered the scenario of needing to cram multiple applications on the same machine. Usually the way to achieve this is by having apps share common resources like the web server, application server, database and other supporting libraries. The trouble of having multiple applications share these resources though is that they become tangled.  An upgrade to one application may require that underlying libraries be updated thereby breaking things for neighboring applications.  And malfunctions in one application can monopolize resources and take down its neighbors.

Because JumpBoxes are isolated and self-contained you can realize the same efficiency of serving multiple apps from the same machine while avoiding the pitfalls of knotted applications.  Computing resources can be allocated differently amongst JumpBoxes on the same machine. You can partition and throttle resources to prevent runaway situations where a single application takes down an entire machine. And in the event one outgrows its available resources it can be effortlessly migrated to more powerful hardware.

Breathe easy on upgrades.

Open Source applications are notorious for breaking themselves on upgrade.  With the prevalence of version-specific plugins, code customizations and general absence of sufficient documentation, it’s no wonder admins get anxiety when it’s time to upgrade to a new version.

Our upgrade process ensures you have a working instance of the application at all times.  Rather than modifying your live production instance you download a fresh copy of the most current JumpBox and use our migration mechanism to populate it with your data.  When you’re satisfied that the migration was successful simply cut over your DNS and point users to the new instance.

A consistent management experience regardless of the underlying technology.

Regardless of whether it’s a Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, .NET or Java application under the hood, you manage it the same way.

Each JumpBox includes a GUI management interface called the “admin portal” that allows you to perform the most common administrative tasks.

Change the host name, configure email relaying, enable SSH/SFTP, install an SSL certificate, turn on stats or configure automated backups. The tools are identical across the entire library so once you’ve managed one you know how to manage them all.


Keep Control

Deploy as many applications as you need

If yours is the typical IT shop you have more problems than solutions. Sometimes problems demand a complex integrated system but other times you just need a simple solution for a particular task. With JumpBox you have access to a broad array of software all in a consistent format and available at a simple and inexpensive monthly price. You don’t have to worry about getting purchasing approval for each application.  Like that trusty toolkit in your garage JumpBox is the go-to resource for addressing many challenges.

We strive to promote easy exploration of all applications within the library.  Beyond simplifying the software administration experience itself we do other things to facilitate this like publishing instructional screencasts called “Ramp Up” videos to make it even easier to get started with each application. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to put these great Open Source applications to work for your organization.

Retain full root privileges over every app as if you had installed it yourself.

JumpBoxes are intended to run as appliances requiring no knowledge of the underlying OS or interaction via the command line.  However if the need arises to make tweaks under the hood you have that capability.

Every JumpBox ships with the ability to enable SSH and gain root privileges to the OS. Keep as much or as little involvement with the inner workings as you like but rest assured that root-equivalent access is there if you need it.

Experiment fearlessly with disposable software.

JumpBoxes give you a new level of confidence in experimenting.

Use the snapshotting capabilities of your favorite virtualization software before attempting operations that can have irreparable consequences.

Or use our built-in migration mechanism to bring up multiple instances of your JumpBox on Amazon’s cloud system. Test different plugins or configurations in parallel and simply terminate the instances when you’re finished.

And if you’re running JumpBoxes on your local machine unlike stack installers, they won’t scatter files around your OS.  Discarding one means it’s gone from your system without a trace.

Protect your data with built-in automated backups.

Each JumpBox has a built-in backup mechansim that can be scheduled to dump its state periodically.  Save the data to a local file share or send it offsite to an Amazon S3 account. The backup system saves only the state of the JumpBox so you won’t be wasting gigs of space and bandwidth copying the entire VM.

You can configure the JumpBox to store these backups on a fileshare giving you compatibility with your enterprise-wide backup system.

Or take advantage of the Amazon S3 backup feature coupled with instant cloud-based deployment to have a poor man’s disaster recovery solution.

Be Supported

Have a vendor to turn to when issues arise.

JumpBoxes greatly reduce the technical issues associated with running Open Source applications but even so issues can occur.

Given the way the applications live in a controlled environment they’re much easier to support. Each JumpBox is a self-contained runtime configured with a known software stack so instead of infinite permutations of each component to troubleshoot, there’s only one configuration to worry about.

With fewer moving parts and the useful technique of being able to use the backup system to share the exact state of your JumpBox, support can be delivered more predictably and expediently.


Get outside help with customizations.

If you’re like many IT departments you’re already over-saturated with a heavy workload.  Finding internal development resources to make the customizations that you need for your applications may be impossible.

We built all the JumpBoxes so we’re intimately familiar with how they work. We can provide outsourced customization services to ensure your JumpBoxes fulfill your needs.


Leverage the collective experience of hundreds of admins with “Bottled IT.”

Over 350,000 JumpBoxes have been downloaded to date. We’re constantly getting feedback from users and incorporating it into subsequent releases in the form of performance optimization, application security tweaks and a more sensible default configuration.  We call this “Bottled IT” because it allows us to capture the value of this experience and bake it into each JumpBox we ship.

You benefit from the collective wisdom of hundreds of administrators across many diverse industries and backgrounds.  It’s like having a distributed team of the world’s best IT consultants continuously auditing your software and making improvements.


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